« Prix Italia » is an international competition, organised by Italy’s RAI, for top quality Radio, TV and Internet programmes. The Festival offers an opportunity for meetings and discussion among top professionals about the quality of the programmes. The competition is divided into 8 categories: 3 for Radio programmes, 3 for TV programmes and 2 for Web projects, as well as a Special Prize of the President of the Italian Republic.

Among international festivals and prizes, it stands out as quite unique in the world in its structure and decision-taking. Its General Assembly, made up of its international members, decides and resolves the editorial outline and elects the President. RAI is responsible for organising the Festival and the Secretariat is based in Rome.

« Prix Italia » is an annual event held in September in an Italian town or city of art and culture in cooperation with the local authorities and organisations. Moreover, it provides the perfect stage for networking, cooperation and agreements to be made among top professionals in a particularly conducive atmosphere. The Prix’s community in 2017 comprised 47 public and private radio and television organisations, representing 31 countries from the five continents.

In 2018, 248 entries were sent to Prix Italia’s Competition from 48 broadcasters, representing 34 countries from all five continents.

The events aims to promote and celebrate quality, innovation and creativity in the production of Radio and Television programmes and Web content; to encourage member organisations to broadcast the programmes entered in the competition; to encourage communication and co-operation between all those who work creatively in the field of Radio, Television and the Web; to stimulate the study, understanding and discussion of creative and cultural issues relating to these means of expression.